How Coronavirus is Creating an Opportunity for YOU?

How are you feeling with all of this uncertainty?

We all know what is happening in the World, but what is more important is how are you with it.

I have been doing lots of meditating, reflecting and connecting with Mother Earth. I feel a deep relief and absolute trust that what is happening on the global scale is the most perfect expression of Divine Mother’s intelligence and Love.

I personally got sick and have been recovering and gaining my strength day by day. What helped me recover so quickly was the strong connection to the love in my heart and the freedom of my soul. I feel free and I am filled with inspiration and hope for humanity and the Earth.

I am feeling an intense desire to serve and help more people to restore their precious connection to the true source of safety and love and solve a single problem that is creating this chaos in the world right now: you forgetting who you truly are. That is the only only problem: we forgot who we truly are and that is what leads to disconnection and fear, not social distancing and coronavirus.

I see this global crisis as a HUGE opportunity in so many ways. It’s an opportunity to STOP…  and to turn our attention inward – the only place where we can actually find safety, stability and peace. How incredibly intelligent the coronavirus is in doing her work – creating the perfect conditions for us to stop, turn our attention inward and wake up to the truth of who we are.

Isn’t she brilliant?

In addition, what an amazing way to shut down so many factories so that the Earth can have this Spring to herself to breath and recover from the unconscious exploitation by human’s greed.

And I also see that Corona has revealed to us the state of fear and disconnection that most people live in on a regular basis, but Corona acted like a big revealer of the skeletons in all of our closets. The fear and the disconnection from LOVE is not caused by Coronavirus, it’s not caused by the social distancing, it’s not caused by the collapse of the economy. It simply revealed the state of disconnection that humanity is already in.

What is happening in the world on the macro-level is a reflection of what is happening on the microlevel within each person, it simply became more visible on the global arena.

What I see is the solution now is not in trying to save the world or pray for the Planet to survive, but rather turn inside to release your own unconscious ways of being a virus within yourself.

  • Abusing your own body by stressing out about things you can’t control?
  • Pushing your body to work it wanted to rest and sleep?
  • Indulging in less than healthy ways to reward yourself?
  • Judging and being critical of yourself and other people?
  • Being extremely hard on yourself and telling yourself that you are not good enough and need to achieve and have more? More money, more praise, more work, more security…

There is no more perfect opportunity than now to be self-reflective with no judgement.

Being aware of the ways you have violated your soul, betrayed your own heart and abused your body is the most effective solution in resolving this crisis. This crisis is an accumulation of all of us disconnecting from our true nature and indulging in unconscious thoughts and behaviors.

Corona offers us a powerful wake-up call. And the choice is on each person – to continue to engage in old patterns getting busy and trying to figure out what to do with this time and how to make money, blaming the world for your misfortune or to turn inside to realize that you are already enough and whole exactly as you are.

In this crisis I want to offer as many free resources as I can. I am creating meditations and online programs that I will be sharing with you very soon.

One of these resources is this Sunday, Gabriel and I will offer another powerful mini-retreat from the comfort of your home. It was a huge success 2 weeks ago and we received amazing response from so many of you!!! We will be using Zoom technology so we can create a sacred container for us to be together. It is FREE to anyone, but you do need to register to reserve your spot. There are currently limited number of registrations, so please click on the picture below to grab your spot. Our gathering will start at 2 PM and last for less than an hour.

What others said after Blissful Rejuvenation 2 weeks ago: 

“I am going to carry the wonderful feeling of the womb through my day and night” ~ Deborah Pierce 

“Thank you both for taking your time to do this! This was delicious and sooo helpful!” ~ Debra Eastridge 

“My body feels really good!” ~ Dani Strobl

“Thank you for sharing this beautiful path to calm & open heartedness😍” ~ Diane Thayer 


On Sunday, we will be offering practices to help you gain your power in these changing times, so that you can decide in what direction you want to move your life in, regardless of what is happening in the world right now.

To prepare, create a cleared space where you can be on the floor (bed or chair) with blankets and pillows and full comfort with no distractions. We recommend that you notify your family and ask for this quiet time with no distractions. Prepare a candle that we’ll be lighting together. 

We are rooting for you to stay connected to your center and stay grounded in knowing that we are all safe and protected, and connected to each other in love.

If you have any questions or need to personally reach out to either myself or Gabriel, please know that our hearts are open to hearing from you.

With deep love and blessings to you and the Earth.
Yulia and Gabriel

P.S.To read an article I wrote about how Yoga Nidra creates a powerful solution to increase your allostatic load and improve your immunity click here.

P.P.S. To register for this Sunday’s FREE Blissful Rejuvenation experience from the comfort of your home, click here.

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