Workshops and Retreats

Woman laying on her back with an eye pillow over her eyes receiving guided meditation Yoga Nidra

“Blissful Rejuvenation Secrets”: A Luxurious 2-hour Monthly Retreat from your “too busy life”

This once a month retreat will give you a well-needed and so deserved rest and replenishment so you can return to your life feeling your best self. Your energy reserves will be restored and you will feel deeply rested and inspired again. No yoga or meditation experience is necessary.

Restore Your Balance day-long retreat in Bloomington, Indiana

“Restore your Balance” Retreat

This nurturing 2-day retreat will help you restore your energy reserves depleted from the push-push in life. Designed to awaken your inner abundance & spark of life once again. During this retreat you will luxuriate in profound guided meditations, activate your body’s ability to heal with therapeutic yoga, go on a meditative walk and so much more, so you can return to your loved ones and your life feeing your best.

Yulia in a mountain yoga pose on the beach at sunset for Greek Goddess Getaway

“Greek Goddess Getaway”: Soulful and Nourishing Women’s Retreat

During this exquisite adventure, you will be tune into nature’s wisdom and grow your trust of intuition so you can stop giving away your power and second-guessing yourself with the Goddess Athena. You will become clear on your heart’s desires and steady your intention to fruition with the spiritual protection of Goddess Artemis. Finally, you will give yourself permission to indulge in exquisite self-care, self-love and embodied feminine dance practices with Goddess Aphrodite. There is no better time than now to give yourself this profound gift.