Workshops and Retreats

Energy & Balance Restored: 21-Day “I AM Yoga Nidra” Online Destress Course

Stressors come in all shapes, sizes and in most unexpected ways. The pandemic we are in now is a case in point. No matter the stressor, we can gain the tools to give us mastery over our life that often feels like it has mastery over us. So just take a moment to answer these questions:

Are you feeling exhausted, overspent, or foggy?
Do you crave spaciousness and sanctuary to feel calm and peaceful again?
Does your life feel like it’s filled with too many commitments and responsibilities?
Is your energy reserve running on empty?
Are you trying to be everything for everyone?

Woman laying on her back with an eye pillow over her eyes receiving guided meditation Yoga Nidra

“Blissful Rejuvenation Secrets”: A Luxurious 2-hour bi-Monthly Retreats from your “too busy life”

This once a month retreat will give you a well-needed and so deserved rest and replenishment so you can return to your life feeling your best self. Your energy reserves will be restored and you will feel deeply rested and inspired again. No yoga or meditation experience is necessary.