The Gift of Grief

❤️ Dear Friends! ❤️

This is not the post I had planned to write last week when I promised you a second Valentine’s day gift of Heart-Opening Meditation. I started writing this post many times and couldn’t finish it because it is the hardest post I get to write. My heart is cracked open with grief as my husband and I are healing after loosing our precious dog-ter Tiny this past Sunday. The depth of this pain is unreal. 

Sydney (Tiny) blessed our lives in ways that’s hard to describe. If you are an animal lover, you know how deep and powerful this bond is with your furry family member. Tiny made our family complete and her presence is so deeply missed in our home. Our furry friends truly teach us pure unconditional love. 

Death awakens us to what truly matters and reminds us how precious this life is. There is no time for unimportant things like doubts, judgements, arguments, self-criticism, need to be right or perfect. There is only one thing that truly matters that everyone wants: true LOVE.

The pathway to this true unconditional love is through allowing your heart to crack open, to feel all that there is to feel, and to release protection around your heart. When we go into the grief, it might feel like we would be swallowed in pain and it will never leave us, but the beauty of grieving is that it opens us up to more love to flow through us. Every tear that you haven’t cried is still inside of you. This week, there has been a river of tears in our home and it feels so healing to cry together with my love Gabriel and to be held in his arms.

Here I’m offering you my own medicine: Heart-Opening meditation. This meditation is an invitation to open your heart and to bring light and love into places in your heart that need healing.

It is the state of your open heart that allows for you to experience unconditional love. The heart has ability to open and close. When you feel heavy or restricted or tight in your chest – that’s when your heart is closed. When you feel expansive, light, luminous in your chest – that’s when your heart center is open.

The beauty about your heart is that it can be taught to remain open with more and more people and circumstances, it can heal and forgive everything. The reason your heart might have closed is that it’s the way that you protected yourself from being hurt in the past. When the heart closes, you also close yourself to experiencing love, joy and beauty of life. It also leads to heart disease, high blood pressure and other imbalances that effect the heart because unresolved emotions lead to tightening of your chest muscles and restrict the functioning of your heart. 

When your heart is open, life becomes a magical journey and that doesn’t mean that you won’t feel pain, grief and disappointments. But you will also have access to more joy, love and bliss in your life and no longer fear of your feelings.

Last week I shared an exercise for exploring conditional and unconditional love, which is available for you HERE

If you are experiencing loss or are feeling lost, sad or any emotion that is hard to process, please don’t hesitate to reach out. You are not alone. 

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