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Kindness and mindful healing permeates to all who attend Yulia's workshops, classes or one on one interactions.

With my first few interactions with Yulia I was aware that I was in the presence of someone who ‘sparkled’, from the inside out. This sparkle is a very special gift that she possesses, gently wrapped in kindness and mindful healing, that permeates to all who attend her workshops, classes or one on one interactions.

Testimonial by – Charlotte Ann Paul Glass Artist Bloomfield, IN

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After just two beautiful hours spent with the exquisitely grace-filled Yuliangel, I was in awe of how deeply nourished, centered, elevated, and connected I felt.

I was so blessed to recently attend a Blissful Rejuvenation retreat after hearing others sing such rave reviews about them for many months!... Yulia embodies so much wisdom and compassion and lives in such alignment with the principles and practices she gently and lovingly guides participants through, and it shows. Her loving heart, genuine presence, and expansive spirit shine through in every moment! During a time when many people's lives are as busy as ever, I am so grateful that Yulia has created a true haven, a sacred space to go and be replenished and reconnected in mind, body, heart, and spirit!

Testimonial by – Christine Eartheart Founder of Joy Potential Bloomington, IN