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I am a pretty wound up kind of guy... I was really not prepared at how powerful this guided meditation was going to be.

What really surprised me at the end of the afternoon session was this part when you actually let go into the nothingness. I was really not prepared at how powerful this part was going to be. That really spoke well to your instruction and to the way that you progressed in that instruction in the way that gave that outcome at the end. That was surprising to me because I would say I am a pretty wound up kind of guy and it takes something for me to get relaxed into the world of nothing.

I thought coming to the retreat was very practical and it was worthwhile and I would do it again.

Testimonial by – Duane Schau Retired Director of Information Technology Services Bloomington, IN

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Before the retreat, I was feeling overwhelmed with too many responsibilities. After the retreat, I felt the sense of calm that things were not bothering me as much anymore.

The Yoga Nidra that Yulia leads is very special and it is really the heart of the retreat. What makes the Yoga Nidra so special is that it’s like a juicy powered nap plus meditation combined. You feel so nurtured and rested and it’s a very deep space of rest and meditation. You are just lead through the whole thing. And the whole retreat is lead very beautifully. You are just so taken cared of. I felt so nurtured and relaxed through the whole thing. The space in which it happens is amazing for you to go deep and rest and get a safe space to let go and relax.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with life being so busy and to push ourselves a little too far, and say yes I’m going to do one more extra thing, one extra thing. We have the built up adrenal fatigue from pushing ourselves too hard in life. These retreats and Yoga Nidra help us recharge our batteries, restore our energy levels so you can come back to life with your full energy and be at your best.

Testimonial by – Daniel Moss Web Developer Los Angeles, California

This retreat was a catalyst in me getting closer toward my authentic self and what I want in my life.

Before participating in “Restore Your Balance” retreat I felt stressed out because of work. I loved the Yoga Nidra that allowed me the rest that I needed and I was able to feel more relaxed than I had felt in months.

I would say if you are on a fence, just think about when was the last time you did something for yourself and how much have you invested into yourself lately because I can tell you from personal experience it was really great for me.

There is a part of myself that I tend to ignore when I am not listening and with Yulia’s Yoga Nidra I really was able to check in with that and tune into that small voice inside of me that needed to tell me some things that I had been skimming over previously. Well, I’ve made some pretty drastic changes in my life after this retreat and I have to say I believe this retreat was a catalyst in me being able to delve deeper into those changes, getting closer toward my authentic self and what I want in my life and say no to the things that were keeping me from that part of myself that I had missed.”

Testimonial by – Michelle Garrison Marketing Director California

After taking this workshop, I can't see why anyone wouldn't want to take it!

It was hard for me to find just a chunk of a weekend knowing that 3 kids can get pretty crazy. And I made it, and I have not regretted it because the day that I went in I was in such deep pain. I felt like my heart was broken and my whole body was just rigid and tense. And we spent 2 hours with Yulia just relaxing. I felt something open in my heart during that process. And after the retreat I got in my car, and I spontaneously burst into tears and I cried the most beautiful, ugly cry. And that whole cry was just the most wonderful release. My body relaxed, everything opened up, and I found my center, which is what I was missing. After taking this workshop, I can't see why anyone wouldn't want to take it!

Testimonial by – Shawna Ayoub Ainslie Writer Bloomington, Indiana

It's not like anything I've ever done before.

Just the way that she accepts me as a person. Even though in my daily life I just see all these flaws in myself and it can be really hard not to focus on that sometimes. And when I come into Yulia's class, it's like a different world. I'm able to step out of this mindset of what's wrong in my life, my "to-do" lists and what do I have to do, what do I have to think about, and I can just let it all go. And her energy and her voice is there and it's just guiding me to this place that's really safe and really nurturing. I really like the name of the event - The Blissful Rejuvenation Retreat - it really does a service to the actual practice because afterwards I feel totally blissed out and blissed to the max. It's not like anything I've ever done before. It's not like a typical yoga class. I mean that in a good way because it's an experience. The way that she guides it gets me into this space that I'm not really good at doing on my own.

Testimonial by – Kristy Haunn Bloomington, Indiana

Everyone should do this type of yoga. The world would be a nicer place because of it.

I just left a Yoga Nidra mini-retreat. It's a deep relaxation form of yoga. Everyone should do this type of yoga. The world would be a nicer place because of it. Thank you, Yulia. My prana is flowing.

Testimonial by – Mandy Yates Pilates Instructor Bloomington, Indiana

It was a great reminder to give my own body more love.

After Yulia's retreat, I felt connected to love - love for myself and all others.

Testimonial by – Jen Owen Nurse Practitioner Portland, Oregon

Before the retreat I felt intense tightness in my neck, back and throat. After the retreat I felt relaxed and loved.

I loved everything! The parts that touched my heart most were the beginning when you spoke of the higher self and Yoga Nidra. I can now stop holding tension in my body and begin to release the illnesses that I carry. I can now stop holding myself back. I look forward to using the yoga balls at home and chanting.

Testimonial by – Kristy Haunn Bloomington, Indiana

After Blissful Rejuvenation I felt a restored wellness and faith that all I need is right now within and with this present moment.

I love the yoga balls! And the encouragement towards feeling sensations. Wonderful voice guidance. The sequencing was wonderful! This practice shows me that I can take time for sensations which lead to curiosity and exploration.

Testimonial by – Allison Distler Rolfer Bloomington, Indiana

After Yulia's 2-hour mini-retreat, I feel invigorated and peaceful.

Taking the time to completely unwind and go deep, this lasts for more than a few days. It allows me to re-engage with a clear mind and body. The massage balls were amazing for loosening build up tension. I feel excited and joyful about even the stressful elements of my life.

Testimonial by – Tris Bolstridge Bloomington, Indiana