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There have been many sessions when I come in to class with stress related muscle tightness and by the end of class I feel pain free and taller than when I walked into class.

My Total Body Pilates class always exceeds my expectations. Yulia is one of the best instructors at the "Y". The class is small, giving opportunity for individualized help where needed. Yulia has a gift for tailoring her instruction so that it is accessible at whatever level of expertise one may be practicing and so avoids holding back or boring more experienced class members. The exercises we do show the attention to detail and careful instructions, both verbal & demonstrated, that allow each of us to challenge ourselves and also gain a deeper understanding of the purpose of each exercise. I've done Pilates before, but got a new "aha" about some of those basic core-strengthening moves. She varies the exercises weekly to give us new challenges and work other parts of the body. I really enjoy the camaraderie of the other class members and the support they give. What I take from each class is remembering to integrate body/mind awareness into my daily activities. Thanks, Yulia, for the opportunity to take this class. I highly recommend taking Total Body Pilates and experiencing the benefits yourself!

Testimonial by – Karen Johnson Teacher Bloomington, Indiana

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I have experienced a high vibrating energy that beckons me to practice mindfully feeling each breath, and every stretch.

My experience of practicing yoga with Yulia has been beautiful as her gentle loving Spirit shines through in her teaching. She becomes an amazing channel for the Divine to work through.

Testimonial by – Becky Lambs Bedford, Indiana

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Kindness and mindful healing permeates to all who attend Yulia's workshops, classes or one on one interactions.

With my first few interactions with Yulia I was aware that I was in the presence of someone who ‘sparkled’, from the inside out. This sparkle is a very special gift that she possesses, gently wrapped in kindness and mindful healing, that permeates to all who attend her workshops, classes or one on one interactions.

Testimonial by – Charlotte Ann Paul Glass Artist Bloomfield, IN

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I really appreciate Yulia’s meditative approach. I always feel relaxed and strong as I leave.

Yulia is a very skilled and is a wonderful instructor. This class is always a positive experience for me. While I am not able to do some poses, I am able to do most of the class. I attend as often as I can and really miss it when I have a conflict preventing me from going.

Testimonial by – Anita Westerhaus Bloomington, IN

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Yulia offers a quiet, intimate, non-competitive space for strengthening one's core and building body awareness

Before joining Yulia’s Pilates for Healthy Back class I felt like a slug. I needed to strengthen my core before I start working on strength training the periphery. Since taking the class, I have noticed better posture; more energy to move; more body awareness in between classes. Yulia applauds everyone's successes as they become able to do exercises that were a seemingly impossible feat only a few weeks before.

Testimonial by – Jennifer Steinback Naturopathic Doctor Bloomington, IN

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