The Coronavirus: Creating Polar Opposites or Realizing the Connectivity of it all?

An Interview with Allison

Some quotes were altered for clarity.

Allison and I met together for a thoughtful discussion on our current times and how it is impacting the collective consciousness. 

I have discovered a theme during this time is that this is an opportunity. This is a gift for the earth, a celebration. The earth is having an incredible spring party! I am enjoying my time in nature where I live, but remembering to hold space in my heart for those who do not have this luxury. Some of my friends in Moscow are actually getting fines for leaving their house which can be quite difficult especially if you have a dog you must care for. 

We had to hit the wall to wake up.

Another theme I have noticed is human conscience. We had to hit the wall to wake up. We are learning what is no longer working. We can now stop what has not been working for so long.

Allison is discovering the processes of truths becoming evident. She remembers being a child in southern Indiana walking through the woods and wishing everyone noticed the timelessness of nature. Even at a young age, she felt the pressure of productivity though she could not fully express it in these terms. She feels we are all in this undercurrent of momentum that people of all ages are forced to keep up with. This is not always in combat with the heart, but there should be more cultivation of the heart, nature and love. There is now a resurgence of taking care of nature and providing love for others. It creates a source of joy and creativity in her. 

Allison agrees that it is not the same for everyone else. While she feels she has been given the gift of time and greater freedom. For some people, ie those with three kids at home, they might be feeling more stifled and feel a lack of time and freedom. For her, she is experiencing a spiritual awakening. For others, they are at the end of their nervous system completely and breaking down. 

I pointed out that Allison’s childhood nature strolls provided her with this knowledge that there are two realities going on at one time. There is the pull to love, care and share. Then, there is the constant demand of productivity. I noticed how similar this is to our current situation and how cyclical this feels. There’s just such a huge contrast in what people are experiencing. 

…unhealthy to just try to bulldoze through what we are exeperiencing right now and force normalcy back onto society.

“So much processing is happening,” says Allison. So many people are trying so hard to get back to normal. This causes a visceral response for her. She finds it to be unhealthy to just try and bulldoze through what we are experiencing right now and force normalcy back onto society.  This way of thinking cuts of a “juiciness” that is just starting to happen.  She wants to remind others that it is okay to let a question linger and be open in a potent space. I can feel this inside myself as well. I have heard people say, “Let’s fight this virus and we’ll be okay!” This creates a restriction by refusing the opportunity and the potency of what this is. Allison reminds us to stay in a place where things are not yet materialized and we can just sit and let the uncertainty permeate. Maybe meaning will be manifested in this space.

I have found that the images of the virus are so beautiful. Since I have a background in biochemistry I understand that this is not an organism that can survive on its own. I find symmetry and beauty in it. I find it to be a force of love. Of course when I have shared this people are shocked! Fighting it is really not the solution. It is just like anything in nature. Our bodies are nature and have innate intelligence as does the virus. Allison agrees that it is life. Life transforms. “If all is life and we know, then pressurize and fight against then we can adapt and thrive… but you do change and then become a little sneaky,” says Allison. Allison has never used antibacterials, because she feels it disrupts your microbiome. She is afraid that it interrupts the system that her body naturally creates. She acknowledges that she is not a medical professional. She feels that her time as a daycare worker provided her with a lot of exposure to illness and therefore increased her immunity. 

When we fight so hard against reality and hold onto the idea of how things “should” be it prevents mental resilience.

We should be trying to create physical, but also mental resilience. When we fight so hard against reality and hold onto the idea of how things “should” be it prevents mental resilience. I think that when we mentally resist reality it makes our lives difficult. That will translate into the physical body and create a war in the body. Allison says, “There’s something in the essence of all life that has a teaching to it.” So, we should look at how this virus creates a lesson for us. 

I was curious about how it affects the lungs and breath which is so essential. The breath is the core of our life. I have a client where there was a feeling of guilt in the beginning. The client felt guilt that she has access to oxygen so easily, but not everyone did. Then, I discussed that when we breath it actually creates more opportunities for others to breathe. We are all connected through the breath. When we do healing work for ourselves, it extends the healing work out onto the world and for those that have shortage of breath right now. This allows me to feel more connected to others right now. I ask us to shift our thinking from “I am so blessed to be able to breathe right now” to “My ability to breathe freely is a healing force to the world.” I feel the lesson of the coronavirus is showing the importance of the breath to the world and how we take it for granted. 

I am so blessed to be able to breathe right now.

Right before this interview Allison was looking into an article on morphic resonance. She was learning how even the smallest thing can have a large impact to create similar patterns. She noticed how the lungs, avioli, etc look like an upside down tree. The breath and ecology of nature, the interbeing between humanity and the living earth, is the piece of the wisdom of the lungs. We are exchanging all of these gases with the natural world. It is like an offering to life when we breathe and a willingness to exchange. When something robs breath, it closes off our connectivity to relationships. I noticed how connected this is to the heart chakra. 

This seems to be creating a time where we are really examining the relationship exchange. Allison feels that we are having this impulse to shut down right now. That’s why she feels societal manifestation is really playing a key part here. This is a spiritual awakening opportunity. On a molecular level it brings us to a connection and oneness with each other. In contrast I see an amplification of disconnection. That fear to survive. On the other hand, people have been coming together on Zoom calls with cyber dance parties and Zoom social gatherings. In a way that has made us feel more connected. So, there are these extreme polar opposites here. Allison wonders if there can be a resolution to this contrast. Does the contrast create a productive friction? Could that friction birth some truth? She cannot help but likening it to birth. There’s a moment when giving birth that you feel you might die and everything closes in so much and then all of a sudden two comes from the one. Allison wonders if we are in a birth or death moment. I noticed that birth and death are polar opposites that need each other. This is the same with expansion and contraction. You have to have one to have the other. It is just so visible right now. 

Allison asks, “If you were to have a wish or intention, what would you hope might happen?”

 I have  a desire to help people see that there is no right or wrong. That people would be curious and open minded. People should be curious about others’ experiences knowing that experiences are not right or wrong. We should rise above and understand that our expanded consciousness can hold everything with peace, harmony and acceptance. When we hold it with peace, we can feel the expansion. That does not mean that it eliminates pain. 

We should rise above and understand that our expanded consciousness can hold everything with peace, harmony and acceptance.

This made Allison think about her practice of self-love. She realized through this process that she has impulses when she first looks at herself or at others. It is easy to say you love all and hold love, but at times we notice we have an impulse negative reaction to certain people or situations. The pandemic has allowed Allison to see where her snags are still and whether that’s in herself or how she thinks others should be handling something. It provides her with moments to reflect, because when your survival is threatened in reality our impulse is to lash out. Allison said, “I have love for the people who when they hear that would push right back because it feels threatening.” 

Self-love leads to loving others.

I then realized I was speaking about acceptance and Allison was speaking about self-love. Self-love leads to loving others. That is especially hard to accept when what people are doing looks so unacceptable. It is just like the lungs. They expand with air and it is the same with our heart. When we expand the heart, we can love more and more. Before it felt unacceptable to expand our hearts to those who differ from our political view or actions, but now we are opening our hearts. We are being expected to do our own work and not focusing on how others need to do theirs. 

Allison said, “The work we do on ourselves expands the field of being able to keep our heart open, even in times where we would have shut our heart down before.” The word that she is holding strong to is reverence. Reverence is forming a way into a greater love. “Reverence to the greater force at work through what is being manifested by the coronavirus,” I added. Allison thinks love and reverence is what she has been called to do during this time. Both of us were so glad to have the chance to feel so nourished by each other and the collective. 

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