The Truth of Your Heart

I used to be terrified of public speaking. I would get close to passing out when I was taking a Speech class in college 18 years ago. In March of this year, I attended a business conference where my name was called to come up on stage with about 400 people in the audience with the coach offering to draw a 6-figure business plan for me in front of all of those people.

When I heard my name, my whole body shut down. I didn’t want to believe I actually heard my name. I almost didn’t get out of my seat because I thought no-one would notice I was in the room – no-one knew me there and my husband Gabriel happened to leave the room a few minutes earlier! The wise voice in my heard said “Are you crazy! Get up and go up there – this is an amazing opportunity, you can’t turn it down!”. As I started walking I thought I was going to fall because my whole body started shaking uncontrollably. When I got on stage, I could barely say a word and thought I was going to collapse on that stage because my knees were shaking so hard.

After that event, I identified what was the cause of such physiological reaction – my intense fear of being judged by people that ruled my whole life. In the last three months, I spent all of my free time doing a special process (from yoga therapy that I am trained in and teach others how to do) on releasing that energy of fear of being judged out of my system. It was intense. I shook, burped and cried, A LOT!

An opportunity came up to audition for the TED-inspired talk on the topic of “Signs and Synchronicity” and while my mind said “No way!”, my heart said “I got to do it!” As I was preparing for the actual event, I continued to release the fear of being judged, especially by my family who were going to be there. One of my coaches suggested that I kindly ask my family not to come to the event to be kind to myself since it was stressful enough for me to do this very first big public talk. I sat with it and felt that my heart wanted my family to be there to see me and receive my heart opening up to them.

Above is the video of “The Truth of My Heart” from the Walk the Talk event that I feel so blessed to have been a part of. It took place at historical Athenaeum theatre in Indianapolis on June 27th. In this talk, I shared my story of how The Truth of My Heart and lots of synchronistic events lead me to the best place I could be – this miraculous moment of NOW. I would love to hear how it resonates with you and what the Truth of Your Heart is telling you today. My intention is to share it with as many people as I can to help us all live from our hearts and trust more fully this phenomenal instrument that we all have a capacity to tune into – our HEARTS.

Click on the video above to hear and see the fantastical journey of my life story that brought me here. It might give you some inspirations and insights into your our live’s journey and the signs and synchronistic events that guided you on your path.

With infinite love and truth of my heart,


About Yulia Azriel

Yulia "Punita" Azriel, M.S., E-RYT-500, inspires her students and clients to trust their bodies, relax deeply and connect with their innate vitality, wisdom and joy. Yulia is a certified Yoga Teacher in Posture of Consciousness & Meditation in Motion, Advanced Yoga Nidra facilitator, Yoga Therapy practitioner in Amrit Method of Body Psychology, as well as Reiki healer.

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