“Radiant Inner-Goddess”: Women’s Yoga Circle on Zoom

Are you ready to tap into your full creative potential and expand your feminine radiance? Are you wanting to be a part of a spiritual women's group to grow and deepen your connection to Divine Feminine? Join this heart-centered group where you will be fully accepted, deeply appreciated and allowed space to express and be yourself.

In this Women’s Empowerment course, you will discover and embody power and unique beauty of 6 Goddess Archetypes:

  • Connect with your power and passion with Goddess Durga
  • Release fears and doubts and move into expansive ecstasy with Goddess Kali
  • Nourish your connection to inspiration and creativity with Goddess Saraswati
  • Radiate love and attract abundance with Goddess Lakshmi
  • Create balance and harmony in your life with Goddess Ma Ganga
  • Cultivate and grow compassion and kindness for yourself and others with Divine Mother

In addition to the 8-weekly gatherings, you will also receive:   

  • Audio recordings of each Goddess Meditation
  • Manual with in-depth reflection and journaling questions
  • Private online support group and safe environment to share breakthroughs, ask for support and share celebrations
  • Yulia’s expert guidance and loving support along the way in person and in online private group


Radiant Inner Goddess Women’s Yoga Circle


The Early Bird discount of $100 is available till August 1.

Service Detials

Date & Time Information

September 3 - October 25, 2018

Sundays: 1-3 pm

Location Information


Zoom link will be provided upon registration

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Radiant Inner Goddess Women's Yoga Circle with Goddess Kali
Radiant Inner Goddess Women's Yoga Circle with Divine Mother
Radiant Inner Goddess Women's Yoga Circle with Goddess Saraswati
Radiant Inner Goddess Women's Yoga Circle with Goddess Lakshmi
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What Others Say About Their Experience

I feel so nourished by this space and time.

I began taking yoga classes with Yulia at her Gentle Heart Yoga Studio six months ago. The first series I attended was a profound experience in exploring and developing intimate relationship with the goddess in her many forms. Yulia facilitated beautiful visual meditations, opportunities for embodied movement, gentle yet powerful yoga practice, and safe supportive sharing space. I am so thankful to have this sacred space with women to come to each week. During each session we travel deeply into the heart and essence of who we are and set intentions to truly relax into our divinity. I have attended many, many yoga classes over the last 20 years and can genuinely say that these classes are my all-time favorite. It is so important, yet so easy to forget, to take time for self-care in our busy lives. I am grateful that I listened to my heart and said "yes!" I really enjoyed the free movement within the yoga circle. Also the meditations and focused intentions were among my favorite aspects. I feel so nourished by this space and time. So free to explore the innermost depths of myself and my beingness. It has been a safe and cherished moment each week.

Testimonial by – Grace MacNiel Herbalist at Monarch Apothecary Gosport, Indiana

I enjoyed the most being with women and sharing, getting to move and being able to release pain, emotional concerns.

Yulia is a very talented yoga facilitator who easily brings women to explore their core issues and heal. During 8-week Women’s Yoga Series I enjoyed the most being with women and sharing, getting to move and being able to release pain, emotional concerns. I liked the spontaneous dance, sharing and guided meditations most. It helped me incorporate self-care into my day.

Testimonial by – Shirley Stephens Wholistic counselor Bloomington, IN

Incredible experience in an intimate, nurturing setting.

What a way to start the week: full of intention, strength and calm focus. I especially enjoyed 1) slow, held postures; 2) relaxation and Yulia’s calm voice was so soothing; 3) combination of the spiritual and physical aspects. I liked the pace of the movement, the variety in the practice and the spiritual aspects. Being in yoga experience with Yulia is a wonder and a delight.

Testimonial by – Gay Lawson Nashville, Indiana

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