Divine Joy Retreat to Bali

Daily Rhythm:

Our days will include a dazzling combination of amazing adventures to visit sacred and treasured places in Bali, learning spiritual practices for everyday life, rituals, ceremonies, heart-centered sisterhood, yummy organic meals, sharing circles, spiritual growth, time on your own to do whatever delights you, yoga, laughter, spontaneous dance parties, incredible rejuvenation and nourishment, and personal transformation. Each day will be special and unique and filled with magic!

Sacred Excursions:

We will be visiting some of the most beloved temples, such as Tirta Empul and the Saraswati Temple, the famous rice fields of Bali, the Sacred Monkey Forest, and more. You will get to see several popular destinations in Bali. We will also have local guests coming to teach us traditional spiritual practices, and we will go on an unforgettable visit to a local priestess to be led in powerful ceremony at her compound. Additionally, there will be a blissfully luxurious spa experience, with all costs covered in your registration, as well as admission to a special traditional Balinese dance performance for a fun ladies’ night out together!

Free Time to Explore & Relax:

Our days will be deliciously rich with meaningful group activities, but we will also be sure you have plenty of time for exploring on your own, resting, journaling, connecting, etc. You will have the option of taking additional excursions with other women for things like: batik making, white water rafting, cooking classes, wood carving demonstrations, shopping, an herbal remedy class, and much more!


We are going to a new location in 2022 and are ecstatic to share it with you. Blue Karma resort is located in the city of Ubud, the arts, yoga, and cultural center of Bali. We will all be staying in the same retreat center. All rooms and bathrooms will be shared, which will make it the most amazing sisterhood slumber party! There will also be time and space for quiet alone time for those who also need it. The resort offers a free shuttle into town multiple times a day.

Why Bali, Indonesia?

We intentionally chose Bali for the location, as their culture exemplifies:

  • weaving the sacred into everyday life
  • the joy of living from the heart
  • recognizing our profound interconnectedness with one another, the Earth, and all that is sacred to us
  • the incredible support available to us when we commune and co-create with the Divine

Commonly Asked Questions:

Is this connected to a religion?Not at all! We welcome all spiritual paths with wide open arms. This will be geared towards integrating universal spiritual practices into our everyday lives, no matter your beliefs. That being said, we will be immersed in a Hindu culture, so if you are disinterested in visiting Balinese temples and engaging in some traditional offerings and practices, then this is probably not the best fit for you. This retreat is perfect for you if you fit any of the below:

  •  you don’t necessarily identify with any specific religion and yet feel a deep call to live a spiritually connected and fulfilled life
  • you practice in a certain faith tradition but love learning about different cultures and traditions
  • you value what we can learn from different cultures and spiritual traditions
  •  you are hungry to nurture your spirit and rejuvenate the joy of your Soul

What does registration include?

Registration includes lodging, 8 organic meals, the full retreat facilitated by Christine and Yulia, materials, and unforgettable excursions. Not included are your airfare, additional meals and snacks, extra excursions you choose to take on your free time, and any special treasures you purchase to take home (we’ll be sure to show you some places for gorgeous clothing, malas, and statuary). We recommend planning to spend at least $1500 in addition to your registration for the complete trip.

What if I do not practice yoga?

Yulia will be guiding us through daily yoga, and it will be gentle, compassionate, and nourish you to the core. Wherever you are is perfect (including if you’ve never before done yoga!), and you aren’t required to have any certain level of strength, balance, or flexibility in order to participate and benefit greatly. Also, all aspects of the retreat are optional if you ever prefer doing your own practice, meditating on your own, or taking a peaceful walk (although Yulia is an extraordinary teacher, so you won’t want to miss it!).


How do I sign up?

Please head on over to Joy Potentional’s Divine Retreat page: Register Here! Scroll to the bottom of the page to find their two investment plans.

What’s included in the payment of the trip?

Includes lodging, 8 organic meals, all group excursions, luxurious massage/spa treatment, daily yoga classes, and full workshop experience led by Christine and Yulia to awaken Divine Joy in your life. (CANCELLATION POLICY: If you need to cancel, your retreat registration is nonrefundable but transferable to another sister you recruit to take your place. If you find someone for your spot, you are simply charged a $250 nonrefundable administration fee.)

After you register, we will get you plugged into a private Facebook group where the anticipation is building with your beautiful tribe of Divine Joy sisters!

We hope to see you there!

Yulia & Christine

Christine Eartheart

Christine Eartheart, Founder of Joy Potential, is passionate about helping people cultivate true and lasting joy from within. Christine has extensively studied the field of Positive Psychology and the neuroscience of happiness and leads retreats to help people fall in love with life again and create deeply fulfilling and meaningful lives. She is thrilled and honored to be co-creating this Divine Joy retreat with her treasured soul sister, Yulia, so that we can enthusiastically dive into one vital aspect of joy: the spiritual practice of it.Christine is an esteemed workshop facilitator and coach and has been facilitating healing and transformation with individuals of all ages since 2004, has supported clients in thousands of breakthrough sessions, has taught 80+ workshops, and has facilitated hundreds of heart-centered women’s circles.Christine lives in the land of possibilities, loves finding creative SOULutions, and has devoted her life to helping others turn their pain into something beautiful and purposeful. She is in awe of our human capacity to transform, grow, and cultivate joyful lives of wonder, magic, and meaning. Living and loving authentically, abundantly, and from her heart are of utmost importance, and she adores seeing and celebrating the gifts inside of everyone and everything.Christine is also Co-Founder of the Center for Thriving Relationships, along with her wonderful husband and psychotherapist, Bret Eartheart. Together, they love helping couples, families, and communities develop flourishing relationships that bring out the best of everyone involved.In addition to her passion for joy and relationships, Christine also loves facilitating and teaching emotional healing and energy healing and has been honored to certify thousands of people in Reiki over the past 10+ years, and healers travel from around the world to attend her training.

Yulia Azriel

Yulia Azriel, Founder of Gentle Heart Yoga and Wellness, feels her deepest calling is to to help you develop trust in the healing wisdom of your body and breath and uncover the place within you that is pure happiness, bliss, and wholeness. It is her passion to help you reconnect to your sacred heart and align with your soul’s true purpose. In the processes she will guide you through, you will learn how to accept yourself, be liberated of insecurities and judgments, and have a direct experience of Divine Love.Yulia leads Women’s Yoga Circles and teaches workshops and training on Yoga Nidra (the art of yogic sleep) aimed at helping people reconnect with the Source of unconditional Peace and Love available to us all. In private breakthrough sessions, she also guides her clients through miraculously transforming painful past memories and traumas into a source of empowerment and true freedom.Yulia received her Yoga teacher’s certification in 2010 through Amrit Yoga Institute and has continued to deepen her practice and understanding of the spiritual dimension of yoga. She went on to receive certifications in Meditation in Motion, Yoga Therapy (based in Body Psychology), and Advanced Yoga Nidra, as well as Advanced Integral Breath Therapy and is on the path of becoming a certified Yoga Therapist through the International Association of Yoga Therapists. She is also a Reiki Practitioner and Pilates instructor.In addition to her extensive training and Master’s Degree in Biochemistry that have granted her vast knowledge, she is devoted to her own daily spiritual growth and evolution. In fact, she has completed 3 and 10 day Vipassana silent meditation courses, Shambhala 5-level training, and the Art of Living Happiness Course, to name just a few.Yulia is known and cherished for her boundless love, grace, radiant heart, and luminous presence.

The Details:

November 6 - 12, 2022

Payment Options:
#1 - 4 Payments of $600 each (spread 90 days apart from each other)
#2 - 1 Payment of $2097

Date & Time Information

November 6 - November 12, 2022

When should I get there?

We will be starting the retreat in the late afternoon of the start date (in time for sharing dinner together) and ending late morning on the end date. We encourage women to arrive a day or two ahead of time to rest up from travelling. Of course, if this isn’t feasible with your schedule, we will joyously embrace you exactly as you are when you arrive. After we end, you are welcome to add on extra days to do whatever exploring of Bali calls to your heart.

Location Information

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What Others Have Said...

Wonderful, nourishing, educational, inspiring, moving, and deep.

“Wonderful, nourishing, educational, inspiring, moving, and deep. I knew that this retreat would be perfect and extraordinary, located in this very spiritual place with the amazing Balinese culture and the break from the norm. You are a perfect pair, weaving your teachings, love, leadership, and gorgeous goddess energy.”

Testimonial by – Susan Watkins

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