“Fall in Love with Yourself”: 3-month Private Program

Are you ready to give yourself the love that you deserve? Connect with your heart and release self-sabotaging, self-defeating negative thoughts and patterns.

Imagine what your life will be like without the pain of self-doubt, self-criticism, and self-conscious behaviors. I would love the opportunity to work with you to shift your relationship with yourself and others. I invite you to make this profound commitment to yourself and gift yourself with this private yoga therapy program.

In “Fall in Love with Yourself” private program, you will receive:

  • A deepening connection with and appreciation of your whole Self (body, mind, emotions, and SOUL)
  • Guidance on how to bring to light your deepest heart’s desires and longings
  • Safe environment to release trapped emotions to be healed and liberated
  • Insights of how to live with less stress and greater authenticity
  • Yulia’s expert guidance and loving support along the way

How Does it Work?

  • Receive individualized bi-monthly 90-minute energy healing sessions to shift your patterns of self-sabotage and disconnection from the flow of love in your body and your mind (6 total sessions)
  • Receive 1 Ancestral Healing Session to restore love and harmony in your family lineage
  • Receive customized home practices with videos and audios to help you establish rituals of  self-nourishment in the comfort of your home.
  • Receive a customized meditation with your personal intention
  • Receive “do-it-with you” hand-out to dig deeper into the core issues that sabotage your feeling you deserve love
  • Receive “Self-Love” personalized assignments to enjoy during each week between sessions. These assignments will help you get inspired and see real, tangible changes in your relationship with yourself and in your life as a whole.


  • Fall in Love with Myself audio recording to listen to any time you need a tune-up
  • A guided body-love yoga practice video to release stagnation and awaken vibrancy
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Yulia with a client holding her leg up during private yoga therapy session
Yulia with a client holding her leg up during private yoga therapy session
Yulia with a client holding her leg up during yoga therapy session
Yulia with a client holding her leg up during yoga therapy session
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What Others Say About Their Experience

I have gained a spiritual insight and trust in the act of moving towards what at first feels difficult or constraining.

Coming into yoga therapy, I had no idea what to expect. In my mind, I thought I'd be helped into some stretches and then guided to breath, but WOW there was so much more here. Not only did Yulia provide a space for the body, she also welcomed me to share some about my mind and emotional processing. I came to yoga therapy with some discomfort in my right hip due to a recent Hernia Surgery repair. And what I found out from our work together was just how much fear and tissue trauma was still left over from this surgery. Through yoga therapy, I witnessed that my intuition was still to move AWAY from the pain, but what my body needed was to remember and understand the sensations I had been avoiding. I now experience more freedom in my right hip, but even deeper I have gained a spiritual insight and trust in the act of moving towards what at first feels difficult or constraining. Yoga therapy is much more than a physical modality, it is a discipline that shows a body, a mind, a spirit to be patient, kind, and loving with itself even in the heart of challenge. Yulia's gentle and present guidance helped me to stay with AND move through waves of contraction and release. Highly recommended

Testimonial by – Allison Distler Rolfer @ www.allisondistler.com Bloomington, IN

Yulia helped me through stressful times to return to my calm and centered place.

Yulia helped me through stressful times in my life. I was able to use the breathing techniques and gratitude journaling to bring me to my calm and centered place.

Testimonial by – Sasha Matsuki Highschool Student Carmel, IN

After each session, I felt lighter, happier, re-energized and whole.

A few years ago, Yulia offered a sumptuous yoga retreat that I could not attend because of travel constraints. I expressed my desire to attend in the future when she replied with “What about connecting through Skype?” I leaped at the opportunity and remain engaged in online yoga therapy sessions from the comfort of my home 200 miles away. I began yoga therapy with Yulia because I had nagging hip pain, tight shoulders and some unprocessed grief and feelings of loss holding me back. Yulia facilitated the meditative techniques of yoga therapy using breathwork, postures and intentions that dissolved my aches and pains. The transformative process ultimately resulted in me embodying a renewed sense of aliveness and personal well-being that I carry into each day and everything I do now.

Testimonial by – Tina Rongers Well-being Facilitator Valparaiso, Indiana

Service Details

Yoga Therapy is designed to crate the optimal environment in which the body is free to heal itself. the Amrit Method of Yoga Therapy is designed to not only treat physical symptoms, but it aims at addressing the invisible mental and emotional stress that contribute to them.

During this program, you will be supported in yoga poses with energetic techniques to release trapped physical, mental and emotional tensions that create disease and emotional conflicts.

Your body innately knows how to heal itself on all levels. The same energy that heals your body also knows how to help you recognize the state of wholeness that you are.

By removing the barriers to you maximal energy flow, you will:

1. Optimize your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.
2. Move along your evolutionary journey towards self-actualization and self-realization.

Dates & Times

Appointment By Arrangement

Location Information

Gentle Heart Yoga Studio

615 N. Staats Drive Bloomington, IN 47408



Fall in Love with Yourself: Private Yoga Therapy Program

From: $830.00 / month for 3 months and a $250.00 sign-up fee


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