Emergency Trauma Relief for Covid-19 Pandemic

Are you are experiencing high levels of fear, anxiety, stress, close to having a panic attack, pacing back and forth, pent up energy that needs release, feeling isolated, trapped or alone, or suffering from the intensity of this pandemic? If so, know that you are not alone and that we are here to help you.


Investment: $47 a session 

During this 45-minute Emergency Trauma Relief Session you will:

  • Talk to an actual caring & heart-centered human being who is experienced in trauma relief
  • Receive nurturing support from someone who actually listens to you and your situation
  • Be led in the most effective and scientifically proven techniques to alleviate trauma and stress and return you to a calm, centered space
  • Experience immediate relief from your challenging and stressful circumstances
  • Build resiliency to the difficulties that you are experiencing so that you can better cope with your day to day

What exactly is it that we are offering?

These emergency Trauma Relief sessions are designed to give you the most effective tools to be able to cope with your current situation. During the session we will be guiding you through some of the most powerful techniques including: Yoga Nidra, a sleep-based mindfulness practice, progressive relaxation techniques, Integral Breath Therapy, as well as other highly effective processes.

Want to experience this technique on your own before we connect?

We created a special video for you to watch and set up for the most nourishing and relaxing 30 minutes you have had in a long time! just click on the video below and you will be guided to the depth of relaxation.


We also offer FREE group Blissful Rejuvenation sessions on ZOOM. To join us this Sunday at 2 pm EST, go HERE.

About Us

Yulia Azriel, M.S.

Yulia has worked with sufferers of trauma for 10 years after completing her Master’s Degree from Indiana University. She focuses on using powerful techniques to help free people from trapped mental & emotional energy that is typically taken by worry, fear, stress and other catastrophic thought processes and instead bring it back into the body to restore homeostatic balance.

She holds a Masters Degree in Biochemistry and has received multiple certifications in Yoga Teaching, Advanced Yoga Nidra (sleep-based meditation), Yoga Therapy (Amrit Method of Body Psychology), Advanced Integral Breath Therapy and many others. She also has 10 years of working with groups and individuals helping people transform their lives.

Gabriel Lantz

Gabriel has worked with sufferers of Trauma & Chronic Pain for 15 years starting after volunteering during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, Louisiana. There he worked alongside organizations such as Habitat for Humanity & Common Ground, providing trauma relief to much needed victims of the disaster. His focus is on utilizing effective trauma relief tools and combining it with modern day coaching to help people gain back control over their unconscious habits and thought patterns that sabotage their life force energy.

He holds a Bachelors Degree in Business & Non/Profit Management from Indiana University as well as a Film/TV production degree from Full Sail University. He has received multiple certifications in Yoga Teaching, Yoga Nidra, Yoga Therapy, Breath/Water/Sound Trauma Relief, Laughter Yoga, ACE Health Coaching & Pain-Free Movement Specialist and is a Roll Model Method Practitioner. He has been working to help clients rid themselves of trauma/stress/pain and rejuvenate their energy & achieve radiant health

Invest in your calm and peace of mind – $47/session

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Service Details

If you are in serious need of support and trauma relief, we are here to help you. Just use the above scheduler to setup a session with us today!

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What Others Say About Their Experience

I received clarity, a sense of a calm and quiet nervous system and mind.

I rarely give myself this opportunity to let go of life. I received clarity, a sense of a calm and quiet nervous system and mind. I see that this training will help me improve my sleep, make clearer/better decisions and choices, improve physical health (blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol), improve relationships and interactions.

Testimonial by – Tanja Bisesi Chief Wellness Officer and Assisted Professor at University of Mississippi Medical Center Jackson, Mississippi

During relaxation, I was able to feel where I was holding that pain, to better accept it in order to release it.

I needed a calm space where I could leave my worries behind. That is exactly what I found. After Blissful Rejuvenation Secrets retreat I feel at peace. To my first, I came late and unprepared because my life is, well, too busy. As soon as I laid out my mat (the only item I managed to bring with me), I tuned into the atmosphere of the space Yulia created. My heart slowed its racing. I was in a place of intense psychic pain. During relaxation, I was able to feel where I was holding that pain, to better accept it in order to release it. I left able to release with tears that moved through me gently instead of storming my body and creating more hurt. It was just what I needed. I've discovered that every session with Yulia, no matter the subject, is always just what I need. It's enriching.

Testimonial by – Shawna Ayoub Ainslie Writer Bloomington, Indiana

Yulia helped me through stressful times to return to my calm and centered place.

Yulia helped me through stressful times in my life. I was able to use the breathing techniques and gratitude journaling to bring me to my calm and centered place.

Testimonial by – Sasha Matsuki Highschool Student Carmel, IN