Energy & Balance Restored

Online Yoga Nidra De-stress Course

Do you often feel as if your life and stress levels are out of control?  

If so, this restorative de-stress course is for you!  During this replenishing journey you will regain your energy and vitality – your most precious currency of life! Yulia and Gabriel have created this course to help you reclaim balance, energy and space for yourself.

Energy & Balance

During this restorative journey to revitalizing your energy reserves, you will:

  • Gain insights into the 3 core domains of stress and how to reverse their impact
  • Identify 7 Drains of Energy and learn how to preserve your vitality
  • Integrate “7 Micro-habits of Ease” into your daily routines to bring balance and vitality to more areas of your life
  • Discover how seeing a Big Picture Perspective can help you step out of the cycle of stress
  • Engage in Daily Yoga Nidra (sleep-based meditation) with a specific intention to support you with breaking the cycle of stress

#1. Learn What the Prominent and Hidden Sources of Various Types of Stress are and Their Impacts on your health, productivity, and enjoyment of life

Begin to understand what stress truly is and where it comes from. Sociological, Psychological and Biological Stress all impact our nervous system and deplete us of our reserves that impacts our health and enjoyment of life. Each day, we will focus more specifically on each of these components and their role in the cycle of stress and follow up with an intentional Yoga Nidra session targeted at breaking the cycle of stress.

#2. Avoid the 7 Energy Drains by Learning to Protect and Recharge Your Most Valuable Asset

Building upon the first week, we will focus on creating value around your energy as your most important currency of life.  You will understand the seven major energy drains, which will each have a dedicated lesson, and how to solve each one. You will receive resources to become empowered in each area and be guided through a Yoga Nidra session to help support you in overcoming each energy drain.

#3. Learn the 7 Micro-Habits of Ease or Practical Strategies for Living a More Balanced and Stress-free Life 

The third week is filled with practical, easy-to-implement, yet powerful exercises to help you integrate “7 Micro-habits of Ease” into your daily routines to bring balance and vitality to more areas of your life.

We invite you to join us for this 21-day mental, emotional and physical detox to wash away the cycle of stresses so you can emerge with a NEW YOU full of energy, clarity and inspiration to thrive.

Components of the Course:

  • 21 Teaching Videos
  • 21 Recorded Yoga Nidra Meditations
  • Handouts, fillable worksheets and home practices
  • 5 Live (Zoom) Groups Sessions guided by Yulia Azriel, Gabriel Lantz and Kamini Desai


Energy & Balance Restored: 21 Day “I AM Yoga Nidra”


Course Details

30 CEU's available through Yoga Alliance

Date & Time Information

July 13 - August 3, 2022

Live Session Schedule: 

  • July 13th at 10 - 11:30 am EST 
  • July 16th at 10 - 11:30 am EST 
  • July 20th at 10- 11:30 am EST 
  • July 27th at 10 - 11:30 am EST
  • August 3rd at 10- 11:30 am EST 

Location Information


You will be directed to a course page.

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What Others Say About Their Experience

My energy felt whole and in harmony with the flow of life

Before this retreat I felt good, but after the retreat I felt amazing! All tension in my body melted away. My energy felt whole and in harmony with the flow of life. I experienced both physical release as well as emotional and mental. I left no longer carrying the anxieties I came in with. I have experienced this lingering effect all day and have felt more confident in myself today.

Testimonial by – Maryellen May Bloomington, IN

After taking this workshop, I can't see why anyone wouldn't want to take it!

It was hard for me to find just a chunk of a weekend knowing that 3 kids can get pretty crazy. And I made it, and I have not regretted it because the day that I went in I was in such deep pain. I felt like my heart was broken and my whole body was just rigid and tense. And we spent 2 hours with Yulia just relaxing. I felt something open in my heart during that process. And after the retreat I got in my car, and I spontaneously burst into tears and I cried the most beautiful, ugly cry. And that whole cry was just the most wonderful release. My body relaxed, everything opened up, and I found my center, which is what I was missing. After taking this workshop, I can't see why anyone wouldn't want to take it!

Testimonial by – Shawna Ayoub Ainslie Writer Bloomington, Indiana

It's not like anything I've ever done before.

Just the way that she accepts me as a person. Even though in my daily life I just see all these flaws in myself and it can be really hard not to focus on that sometimes. And when I come into Yulia's class, it's like a different world. I'm able to step out of this mindset of what's wrong in my life, my "to-do" lists and what do I have to do, what do I have to think about, and I can just let it all go. And her energy and her voice is there and it's just guiding me to this place that's really safe and really nurturing. I really like the name of the event - The Blissful Rejuvenation Retreat - it really does a service to the actual practice because afterwards I feel totally blissed out and blissed to the max. It's not like anything I've ever done before. It's not like a typical yoga class. I mean that in a good way because it's an experience. The way that she guides it gets me into this space that I'm not really good at doing on my own.

Testimonial by – Kristy Haunn Bloomington, Indiana