Energy & Balance Restored: 21-Day “I AM Yoga Nidra” Online Destress Course

Healer's Empowerment to Regaining Your Vitality and Energy and Releasing Stress

So often, it feels as if our lives have mastery over us and we are controlled by our stress. It is at those times when it is most important for us to unlock the tools that help you regain your energy and vitality – your most precious currency of life! Yulia and Jen have created this 21-day course to help you become empowered in your gifts as a healer and invite you to join us on a journey to reclaiming balance, serenity and space for yourself.


During this restorative 21-day challenge to revitalizing your energy reserves, you will:

  • Receive clarity about 3 core hidden sources of stress and how to reverse their impact
  • Learn the powerful Science of Recovery and how to enter the Zero Stress Zone consistently
  • Learn how to value your energy as the most important currency of life
  • Identify 5 Drains of Energy and practice plugging the drainage of your most valuable currency 
  • Discover how seeing a Big Picture Perspective can help you step out of the cycle of stress
  • Integrate “7 Micro-habits of Ease” into your daily routines to bring balance and vitality to more areas of your life
  • Engage in Daily Yoga Nidra (sleep-based meditation) with a specific intention to support you with breaking the cycle of stress. 
  • Receive a short daily inspirational & insightful video (10 minutes or less) to teach and orient you to the practice and topic of the day

First Module: Learn What the Prominent and Hidden Sources of Various Types of Stress are and Their Impacts on your health, productivity, and enjoyment of life

Begin to understand what stress truly is and where it comes from. Sociological, Psychological and Biological Stress all impact our nervous system and deplete us of our reserves that impacts our health and enjoyment of life. Each day, we will focus more specifically on each of these components and their role in the cycle of stress and follow up with an intentional Yoga Nidra session targeted at breaking the cycle of stress.

Second Module: Avoid Energy Drains by Learning to Protect and Recharge Your Most Valuable Asset

Building upon the first week, we will focus on creating value around your energy as your most important currency of life.  You will understand the five major energy drains, which will each have a dedicated lesson, and how to solve each one. You will receive resources to become empowered in each area and be guided through a Yoga Nidra session to help support you in overcoming each energy drain.

Third Module:  Learn Practical Strategies for Living a More Balanced and Less Stressful Life Through the Micro-habits of Ease

The third week is filled with practical, easy-to-implement, yet powerful exercises to help you integrate “7 Micro-habits of Ease” into your daily routines to bring balance and vitality to more areas of your life. 

We invite you to join us for this 21-day mental, emotional and physical cleanse to wash away the cycle of stresses of 2020 so we can enter the New Year together with fresh perspective, full and clear energy reserves and inspiration to thrive with what is in store for us in 2021. 


Energy & Balance Restored: 21 Day “I AM Yoga Nidra”


Event Details

This is an online live event. All sessions will be recorded and available for 3 months after the course ends.

30 CEU's available through Yoga Alliance

Date & Time Information

December 17 - January 6, 2022

Daily Sessions that will include inspiring teachings and practices of Yoga Nidra

11 am - 12 noon EST


Location Information

Your Home

Zoom link will be provided upon registration

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What Others Say About Their Experience

The training gave me the confidence to share with others the wonderful practice of Yoga Nidra.

The first time I experienced Yoga Nidra, I was going through a divorce and was very emotionally unstable. I lacked confidence and clarity of my life’s purpose and was trying to just make it through the divorce. After that first session, I felt a sense of calm and healing. It helped me shift my outlook from just surviving the divorce, to thriving in spite of it. The change was noticeable to those around me. My continued practice of Yoga Nidra has enhanced my regular meditation practice and continues to help me release trapped emotions and remove my self-limiting beliefs.

Before working with Yulia individually, I was struggling to discover who I was and my work with her gave me clarity of my life’s purpose and a direction in which to move forward. The journey has been difficult, but I always felt a tremendous amount of love and support from her both in and out of our sessions and it has definitely been worth it.

I chose to do the Basic Yoga Nidra training with Yulia and it gave me an even deeper understanding of this beautiful practice. Yulia’s knowledge and experience with Yoga Nidra was very evident throughout the training and she was very supportive after the training was complete. The training gave me the confidence to share with others the wonderful practice of Yoga Nidra.

Testimonial by – Sharon McGuire Yoga Teacher and Yoga Nidra Facilitator Bloomington, IN

I feel empowered with tools to enhance my experience of life.

After this Yoga Nidra training, I have an increased awareness of how I’m contributing to my own stress and anxiety and how I can decrease these levels and be more relaxed in my life. I learned so much and feel empowered with tools to enhance my experience of life. I enjoyed learning about health benefits of Yoga Nidra and enjoyed an opportunity for multiple practice sessions.

Testimonial by – Amy Henn Bloomington, IN

I received clarity, a sense of a calm and quiet nervous system and mind.

I rarely give myself this opportunity to let go of life. I received clarity, a sense of a calm and quiet nervous system and mind. I see that this training will help me improve my sleep, make clearer/better decisions and choices, improve physical health (blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol), improve relationships and interactions.

Testimonial by – Tanja Bisesi Chief Wellness Officer and Assisted Professor at University of Mississippi Medical Center Jackson, Mississippi

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