New Office Assistant – Samantha Beikman

I am so delighted to join the Gentle Heart team! I will be helping out primarilly with social media, marketing and of course (first and foremost) client outreach.

I have been on a three year journey into self-discovery. I was an elementary school teacher for 9 years and decided that while I loved teaching, connecting with the students and using my creative side daily I still did not feel like I was doing enough. It did not seem as fullfiling as it once was. I learned that I was happiest when working with the students on social and emotional development. Although teaching content was also exciting and fun, it was the joy I got out of helping a student process a difficult emotion or step out of their comfort zone that really started to click with me. I felt called to do this more and more each year of teaching.

I decided to leave teaching and to find a place where that could be my soul focus. I love helping people heal, process and get through trauma. So, that’s why it seemed like such a miracle when I found out about Gentle Heart, Yulia and Gabriel. We seem to all be on very similar missions.

So, if you see a new face or name on the emails you have been receiving it is just me! I hope to connect with you all soon.


About Yulia Azriel

Yulia "Punita" Azriel, M.S., E-RYT-500, inspires her students and clients to trust their bodies, relax deeply and connect with their innate vitality, wisdom and joy. Yulia is a certified Yoga Teacher in Posture of Consciousness & Meditation in Motion, Advanced Yoga Nidra facilitator, Yoga Therapy practitioner in Amrit Method of Body Psychology, as well as Reiki healer.

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